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Ananda Rajar Bari

During the rule of Maharaja Bhava Dev in 8th century, Ananda Rajar Bari (House of Anand King) was built by Ananda Vihara Maharaja- Anand Dev. The Vihara which stands on the low and plain land is situated on the east of the Lalmai-Mainamati hills. The Buddhist monastery was constructed in square shape. It is the second biggest in Bangladesh and biggest in Lalmai-Mainamati region. The length of each wing outside was 624 ft. In the middle of the north wing inside the monastery, there was an open area on which the central temple was located. The temple was very spectacular because it had a plate with painting of baked clay. The remarkable archeological discoveries are—weapons, valuable stone gravels, coins, copperplate inscriptions, Buddhist bronze monument, plates with paintings of baked cay, ornamented bricks, terracotta seals, iron nails, utensils  etc. of Neolithic Period. There is a marsh known as Ananda Rajar Dighi about 90 metres on the east.

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