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Bibi Begni Mosque

The one-dome mosque which is another legacy of Khan Jahan Ali (R) stands 276 metres (900 ft.) to the west from  the west bank of Ghoradighi of Bagerhat district. There goes hearsay that this mosque was built by Bibi Begni, a wife of Khan Jahan Ali (R). 3.1metre (10 ft.) wide walls were made of bricks of that time and there is a very high semi-round spectacular dome pleasant to the eye. The diameter of the bottom of the dome is about 9.09 metres (30ft.). Such a big dome is not usually seen. Relics of a good number of metal led graves are found at the north-south corner outside the boundary wall. At present the Archaeological Department has started maintaining the mosque; as a result, the mosque has got back its former look to some extent.

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