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Singair Mosque

There stands a very ancient big mosque on the right hand side of the Khulna-Bagerhat highway, not far away from the famous Shat Gombuj Masjid of Bagerhat district. This one-domed mosque measuring 12m. x 12m. (39.37’ x 39.37’) is known as Singair Mosque. The thickness of the walls is more than 2 metres. This mosque is as old as 550 years and it is treated as one of the antiquities  of Bagerhat. In 1975 the Archaeological Department started repairing and since then by means of consecutive repairs it has been improved up to the present condition. This large square mosque is made of small bricks.  Flowers and creepers are painted and engraved as ornamental work on the body of the mosque. Once upon a time, it looked decorated and painted, but now it has almost lost its artistic decoration and beauty for lack of maintenance. This typical mosque was built in conformity with the architectural style of Khan Jahan Ali (R). And that is why it is presumed that the mosque was built sometime in the middle of 15th century. The ancientness, hugeness and the style of construction of the mosque which is luminous and radiant by its own specialty, charm the visitors. Hence, many visitors feel inclined to see the mosque after visiting the Shat Gombuj Masjid.

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