Slaty-legged Crake Bird (Rangahalti Bird) – Tourism Info

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Slaty-legged Crake Bird (Rangahalti Bird)

Slaty-legged Crake, which is locally known as Ranga Halti, is found at Shatshoiya village of Fakirhat upazila under Bagerhat district. One of the most beautiful and rare birds of the country is not found anywhere but here. In the rainy season particularly in July, eggs and the chicks are found at least in 20-25 nests in the bushes of this village. The total length of this bird is 25 cm and weight is 175-300 gm. An adult slaty-legged crake is brick-red in colour while its chicks are dark black like White-breasted Waterhen. It is a resident bird and its eggs and nests are found only in the Shatshoiya village. There is another similar bird of different species Hooded Pitta (locally known as Halti) is also found here. Hooded Pitta is mainly summer breeder bird. Other than Shatshoiya, it is also found in Sylhet region. But like Slaty-legged Crake, the eggs and nests of the Hooded Pitta are not seen anywhere but this village. Many foreign and local bird watchers and researchers visit this place frequently.

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