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Bandarban District

Bandarban District

Historical, archeological, natural, religious and cultural spots

01. Bomang Rajar Bari

The old Rajbari, at the heart of the Bandarban town in the mid hill, stands as a commemorative that bears traditions of a hundred years. This house was built in high construction style in the imitation of the palaces of the kings and emperors of old times. Here the crown of Honorable king, golden swords, and the beauty draw the attention. Rajpunya, a special programme is held in this palace every year.

02. Buddha Dhatu Jady Kayng

The country’s biggest Buddha Mandir ‘Buddha Dhatu Jady Kayng’ has been constructed in the spectacular  style and fashin on the top of a hill about 200 ft. high at a place named Poolpara in Balaghata  1.5 kilometers away  from Bandarban town which is the playground of natural beauty. The pure relic (of the body) is called Dhatu and the place of worship is locally called Kayng. This is also known as Bandarban Golden Temple.   ‘Buddha Dhatu Jady Kayng’ is one of the largest remarkable places of worship in South Asia. The construction style of it is made of sculpture-design of the temples of Myanmar, China, and Thiland. There is   a museum from which you can know the old history of the ‘Buddhim.’ The place is not only the place of pilgrimage for the Buddhist community but it has also been an attractive spot for native and foreign tourists. The gate of this Jadi is at the end of 170 steps of a stair which leads up in a winding way through the slope of the hill. The main attraction of Jadi is the central temple with golden artistic design. Around it there are some small establishments, display rooms, abodes for the mendicants, and at the entrance there are some small statues including two big ones. Apart from these, in the central Mandir, there are 4 golden statues (images) of Gautema Buddha, Kashyap Buddha, Kakasa Nannad Buddha, and Kolagoman Buddha. Another attraction for it is that there is a big bell and with it there are a small number of bells around it. The bells form rows and they produce ding-dong day and night. Besides, the other sculptural evidences of Kang including the Dev Rajpukur at a height of three hundred ft. are visible. Religious fair takes place here in December-January and continues for three consecutive days.

03.Meghla Parjatan (tourism) Complex

Meghla the best Tourist Centre in Bandarban is 5 kilometers away leading through hilly zigzag passages from Bandarban town. Bedecked with various trees and plants, the complex has an artificial lake. For pleasure trip in the lake, there are rentable paddle boats and non-paddle boats (rentable boats: boats operated for rent/ on hire). Apart from these, there lie mini zoos, children parks, safari parks, hanging bridges, picnic spots, and rope ways or cable cars. Further more there are two storied circular houses for the short stay of the tourists and for their observation of the natural beauty. For rest and treat there are three well decorated rooms used as a rest house and a canteen. It is a popular place for picnic, nature-love, and outdoor shootings.

04. Nilgiri

Nilgiri Tourist Centre is located on the hill top by the Bandarban-Thanchi Road about 47 kilometers on the south- east from Bandarban district town. You can go to Nilgiri by means of any road transport. It is 2 thousand and 2 hundred ft. high from the sea level. The play of sun-rain with the natural view here and at the same time various colors of the rainbow and the rustling flow of wind fascinate the tourists. Bangladesh army while constructing the Chimbuk-Thanchi Road made first the Chawky to ensure the security of the Mo Community who inhabited the area. Later due to the plan of the Bangladesh army it became a full tourist centre. From this Nilgiri Tourist Center, one can enjoy the view and the beauty of the seashore with naked eyes. Here, other than a cafeteria, there are cottages of various attractive names including Meghdut, Akashnila, Nilangana, and Marma house. In addition, the zigzag view of the flowing river Sangu close to the small hills attracts all. Many people call this place the “Darjeeling of Bangla.”

 05. Nilachal

The Nilachal Hill is located 5 kilometers away from Bandarban town at Tigerpara at a height of 2000 ft. from the sea level. From the Nilachal Hill you can view the whole of Bandarban town at a glance. In addition to this, the tourists from Nilachal can enjoy the wonderful view of the seashore of Cox’s Bazar. To provide the tourists with facilities, Nilachal has been improved with modern facilities including setting up cottages and restaurants. Nilachal is the most popular tourist spot in the town of Bandarban.

           06.Parjatan Kandra Baga Lake

This natural Baga Lake is the highest lake in Bangladesh. This lake is located on the hill top about 3700 ft. high from the sea level. This lake of transparent water covers about 15 acres of land on the top of the hill and it has many legends. The hilly people consider it as a lake of gods too. The local minor ethnic communities believe that Dragon god lived in this lake. On the basis of the formation style many think it a crater of extinct volcano. The color of the water of the lake changes frequently, but for the most part of time it looks bluish. There are Marma  Paras on the banks of the lake, and Bawms are settled up on the lake. It is a bit difficult to visit the Baga Lake in the rainy season. The Zila Parisad has set up some rest houses, and the local people have set up some guest houses in order to provide facilities to the tourists for passing their nights there.

The local people give the tourists food and accommodation facilities.

           07. Prantik Lake

This Prantik Lake that comprises about two thousand and a half acres of land is located near Halodia on the Bandarban-Karani Hat Road about 16 kilometers away from Zila Sadar. This lake of extensive area surrounded by lonely hills has one rest house, one circular two storied house, and a green terrace enriched with flower gardens. This lake is bedecked with various species of trees and plants and is very choice able for picnic and the makers of cinema.

08. Milanchhari

Milanchhari stands on the Ruma Road about 5 kilometers away from Bandarban town. This private tourist center has been built on about 10 acres of land. Many cottages have been built using modern technology in line with the high construction style and local culture.

           09. Mirinja

The Mrinja Tourist Spot is located on the top of a hill at a height about one thousand and a half ft. from the sea level. The high waves of the sea and the rare view of the navigation of ships are seen from here. Apart from this, the light house of the night of the longest sea shore of the world is also seen from here. Here you can see the different ethnic groups such as – Murang, Marmam Tripura, etc. and you can see the cultures and customs and usages of those minor groups.

           10. Baktalai Jalopropat (waterfall)

Baktalai Jalopropat (waterfall) is located in Ruma Upazila. It is one of the biggest and deepest waterfalls in Bangladesh. This waterfall is about 1 thousand ft. deep and it is always covered with fog all around.

           11. Chimbuk Pahar (hill)

Chimbuk Hill is located after Milanchhari and Shoila Propat 26 kilometers away from Bandarban town. You can go direct to the top by car. The top of the hill is about three thousand and a half ft. high from the sea level. The innumerable other hills around the hill Chimbu have given it individual characteristics. Here the tourists get the chance to go near the clouds. Near the hill there is the settlement of the minor ethnic group Mro community. There are a restaurant and an observation tower on the top of the hill. Bangladeh Telephone Board has established a base station and a tower to maintain communications with all the upazilas in Bandarban district. There is a rest house of the Road Division.

12. Tazingdang or Bijoy (victory)

Tazingdang the highest hill in Bangladesh is located 70 kilometers away from Bandarban Sadar. In local language Tazingdang means victory summit/peak. Its height is about 4 thousand ft. and a half. It is possible to reach near the summit of the hill by car only in dry season.


13. Kewkradang

Kewkradang is located 30 kilometers away from Ruma Upazila and 15 kilometers away from Baga Lake. Kewkradang with its height of 4 thousand 332 ft. is the second highest hill-top in Bangladesh. The view of the inaccessible hill area is very pleasant. Many tourists from home and abroad come here during winter season. During dry season, you can reach the hill-top by Chandar Gari from Baga Lake. Facilities are there to pass night here in the rest house under supervision of the Tribal Zila Parisad and the local cottages.

14. Jadipai Jharna (fountain)

Passing Para is the next door neighbour to Kewkradang. Next to Kewkradang, Passing Para stands at a height of 3065 ft. This Para is considered as the highest village of the country. Nearly throughout the year the people of the Para remain under the clouds. If you come down from Passing Para you will find Jadipai Para, and from here if you come down about for an hour, you will find the Jadipai Fountain. Waterfalls are created where the cold fountain water falls.  


15. Rijuk Jharna (water fountain)

When one goes to Thanchi from Ruma by water, one will find the view of the Rijuk Jharna (water fountain). The transparent water of the wonderful creation of Ruma waterfall (Rijuk Jharna) rolls down into the river Sangu. Every year many tourists come to see the Rijuk, the Ramacre, and the Techhri waterfalls. By engine operated boats from Ruma, you can reach the waterfalls and the water fountains within 2/3 hours.

16. Nafakhum Jharna (water fountain)

 This Nafakhum Jharna (water fountain) is located at Marmas-inhabited-place Ramacre, which is noted as Niagara Falls of Bengal. In the local language of Marma “Khum” means Jharna (fountain). In the river of Ramacre, a kind of fish is available called Nafa fish. From this the fountain has been named Nafakhum Jharna. From Thanchi Upazila you can go to Nafakhum by engine operated boats with the enlisted guides of BGB. To travel by this route, accompanying guide is a must. In addition, before obtaining permission for travel, the names, addresses of the tourists, the names of the boatmen etc. are needed to be registered at the office of Boatmen Association at Thanchi. In the rainy season, flow of water through the fountain becomes very strong and severe, and in winter the severity of speed of water flow becomes weak and the size of the fountain becomes small. Some of the hills of this place are very high and it appears that the peaks of the hills have been covered with clouds.  There are some tin made houses at some places on the slopes of the hills. The depth of the rivers of this area is very low. One can reach here through the river Sangu. This is the only river whose origin is in Bangladesh. There is a rest house in Thanchi for the tourists to stay in. In addition, the local people have made some houses at Thanchi Nawka Ghat for the tourists to stay there. If you have food and drink thrice a day in the owner’s house, then you can stay free of charges.


17. Sangu Bridge

This Bridge over the river Sangu which flows through Zila Sadar has become a Daily Recreation Centre. You can enjoy from here the fascinating beauty of the river Sangu.

18. Shoila Propat

On the way from Ruma to Thanchi by water, you will find the Shoila Propat , a stream of transparent water falling incessantly from about three hundred ft. high hill  into the river Sangu. This is the second biggest fountain in the country.

19. Upaban Lake

This artificial lake is located in Naikhongchhari upazila Sadar at a distance of 20 kilometers. Here facilities are provided for catching fish and pleasure trip by boats.

20. Ali‘s Surango (tunnel)

This is located at a place which is 118 kilometers away from Bandarban Sadar and 4 kilometers  away from Ali Kadam. Inside the tunnel, there are 3 or 4 tunnels which are in dilapidated condition.

21. Jiban Nagar Pahar

Jiban Nagar Pahar is located at 52 kilometer-point of the zigzag passages of the Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi Road. There is a   hilly slope and a natural fountain only 3 kilometers away from Jiban Nagar.

22.Local Tradition and Festivals

The indigenous people of this area are Bawms community whose festival is Nabanna (the festival of eating newly grown autumnal rice in the month of Agrahayan.) But other indigenous people also observe this festival. On this occasion, broad and comprehensive programmes are drawn up/organized at the areas like Parukpara, Laimipara, Lailunpi Para inhabited by Bawms community.

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