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Nafakhum Fountain

Nafakhum Jharna (water fountain) is located at Marmas-inhabited-place Ramacre, which is noted as Niagara Falls of Bengal. In the local language of Marma “Khum” means Jharna (fountain). In the river of Ramacre, a kind of fish is available called Nafa fish. From this the fountain has been named Nafakhum Jharna. From Thanchi upazila you can go to Nafakhum by engine operated boats with the enlisted guides of BGB. To travel by this route, accompanying guide is a must. In addition, before obtaining permission for travel, the names, addresses of the tourists, the names of the boatmen etc. are needed to be registered at the office of Boatmen Association at Thanchi. In the rainy season, flow of water through the fountain becomes very strong and severe, and in winter the severity of speed of water flow becomes weak and the size of the fountain becomes small. Some of the hills of this place are very high and it appears that the peaks of the hills have been covered with clouds.  There are some tin made houses at some places on the slopes of the hills. The depth of the rivers of this area is very low. One can reach here through the river Sangu. This is the only river whose origin is in Bangladesh. There is a rest house in Thanchi for the tourists to stay in. In addition, the local people have made some houses at Thanchi Nauka Ghat (landing stage for boats) for the tourists to stay there. If you have food and drink thrice a day in the owner’s house, then you can stay free of charges.

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