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Historical Bibi-Chini Shahi Mosque

This mosque is located at the Bibi-Chini union 10 kilometres (6 miles) away from Betagi upazila sadar of Barguna district. It is learnt that Hazrat Shah Neamat Ullah (R) came in 1659 from Persia to preach Islam in this area and built this mosque at Bibi-Chini. Bibi-Chini village and the Bibi Chini Shahi mosque were named after his daughters Chini Bibi and Isa Bibi. This square shaped mosque is 10 metres X 10 metres (33 feet x 33 feet) and the walls are two metres wide. The bricks of the mosque are similar to those of Mughal Period. From the plain land .the mosque is located on 30 feet (9 metres) high hillock. On top of it the mosque house is about 25 feet (8 metres) high. Besides the mosque there are three graves which are totally exceptional. Though the three graves are like the graves of the ordinary people yet the length of groves is 7 feet grave. According to the view of the local people, Hazrat Shah Neamat Ullah (R) and his daughters Chini-Bibi and Isa-Bibi are laid to rest here. During the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb in 1700 AD, Hazrat Shah Neamat Ullah died  and he was laid to rest beside the mosque.It is mentionable here that the mosque was reformed by the Archeological Department. It is attractive to the tourist as a history and one of the old mosques in the country.

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