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Rakhain Tribal Culture

The Rakhain communities live in the southern part of Barguna District. Towards the end of 17th century, the Rakhain communities founded settlement here. It is the Rakhain communities that cleared the thickets of the fallow lands, began cultivating land and developed agro-based society. Here paddy-field is seen on land. The Rakhain communities cultivate paddy of different species to meet the need of festivals, to entertain their friends and relatives, and eat to themselves parched rice with or without sugar coat, toast paddy, cakes, frumenty, jarda.Varieties of cottage industries, agriculture work, and animals rearing including boars are in their own system of production. One of the important ceremonies of the Rakhain culture is tiger hunting, Kinnar dance, Rakhas dance, monkey dance, etc. In their religious ceremony, they observe the anniversary of Gautama Buddha, Maghi Purnima, Baishakhi Purnima, Ras mela etc.

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