Padma Beach and Fish Wholesale Depot – Tourism Info

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Padma Beach and Fish Wholesale Depot

The Padma beach, which is about 32 kilometres (20 miles) to the south-west from Pathor Ghata upazila, is actually a Fish Wholesale Depot. Locally it is known as the Padma Fish Wholesale Depot or Padma Sagar. There lies a green belt close to the mouth of the sea. This beach that emerged at the mouth of the Burishwar and the Bishkhali Rivers is magnificently beautiful. Every morning the fish, which is caught in the sea shore, is sold in the market here. During the high tide, the greenbelt goes under 2/3 metres (6.5/10 feet) deep water and creates a perfectly beautiful natural view. On this sea beach, one can see the sunrise and the sunset.

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