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Araj Manjil Public Library

Araj Ali Matubbar was born in 1900 in Matubbar Bari of Lamchari village 15 Kilometres away from Barisal town. 4 years after his birth, his father Entaj Ali Matubbar died. Though he had died, ample interest for study from his boyhood, yet he could not earn academic degree for financial crisis. Out of his interest for reading books, he contracted a few libraries of Barisal town and kept on reading on his own effort. He was recognised as a self learned person by the educated society. In his writings multifarious questions about the world and life have been presented. Araj Ali’s writings of free thinking have been published in three volumes. He by his self-earned money established in his village a library which is known as ‘Araj Ali Public Library’. In 1985, he died in Barisal.

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