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Aswini Kumar Town Hall

The traditional Aswini Kumar Town Hall is located on the main road of Barisal town. This hall was named after Aswini Kumar Dutta. There is a historical event behind the building of this hall. In 1906 police attacked the procession of Raja Bahadur Habeli, and to commemorate the police raid, committee was formed in 1920 with Aswini Kumar Dutta as the president and Sharat Chandra Guha as the Secretary of the committee for building a hall. Next year hall-construction work began but Aswini Kumar died in 1923, as a result, in a condolence meeting the hall was named unanimously after him. The construction work of the hall ended in 1930. Aswini Kumar Hall as a centre of politics and culture has been the evidence of many historical events.

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