Bakla-Chandradeep Rajbari (Royal House) – Tourism Info

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Bakla-Chandradeep Rajbari (Royal House)

Bakla-Chandradeep Rajbari is 11 kilometres (7 miles) to the north-west from Barisal town, and is   located at Madhabpasha village on the Barisal-Ranaripara highway, under Babuganj Thana. The relics of the old Rajbari (Royal house) on 12 hectors of land still exist. Here Bakla-Chandradeep- Rajas had the last resorts. There lies a mausoleum on a 6 feet high altar, 600 feet to the south from the Rajbari. Graffiti of gods and goddesses are engraved on the surface of the temple. This temple was built in 18th century and at that time Uday Narayan ruled over the place for a long time, and that is why it is thought that the temple might be the tomb of Uday Narayan.

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