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Poet Mukanda Das’ Homestead and Kali Temple

Poet Mukunda Das was born in 1878 at Banari village in Bikrampur Pargana under Dhaka district. But his father Gurudayal named his son as Yajneswar Dey. After the birth of his son, the village went under water of the Padma River, his father Gurodayal moved with family members to Barisal town, the place of his service. His educational career started in Rajmohan School of Barisal. Mantro Guru of Barisal Swami Ramananda became charmed to hear Harisankritan and Shymasangit in the voice Yajneswar and he gave him teachings and gave him a name Mukunda Das. Within his 19 years Mukunda Das wrote a book that contains one hundred devotional songs. During Sawdeshi and Non-cooperation Movement, he composed rebel songs and open air opera and thereby earned reputation. The line of his song composed on the occasion of hanging Khudiram is ‘Hasi hasi porbo fansi, dekbe jogothbasi, Ekber biday de ma ghure asi’ (I will wear the hanging cord around my neck with a smiling face, the people will see it, o, mother, bid me farewell once, and let me come back again). In commemoration of the poet, a Kali Mondir before which lies the his portrait, was built in his homestead adjacent to Nothullahbad Bus stand of Barisal. He died in 1934 in Kolkata.

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