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Barisal River Port

This Barisal River Port which stands on the river is one of the largest river ports of the country. This river port had been run by the then East-Pakistan Inland Water Transport Authorities since 1958. Out of the existing infrastructures of the river port, the terminal building is about 17 thousand square feet and the parking yard is about 27 square feet. There are 6 and 4 steel gangways. Besides these, there are three passenger-rest houses, 83 jetties, 61 launch ghats (landing stage), and 3 ferry ghats. About one hundred passengers’ water vessels sail/travel in these port every day. Every day on average 15 thousand passengers and 3500 tons of goods are carried here. The steamer ghats is close to this port and from where the water vessels of Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Corporation Sail. Recently the water Transport Authorities, for the tourists to stay in have constructed near the port a rest house provided with modern facilities.

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