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Bhatikhana Twin Mosques

On the outskirts of Barisal town in Bhatikhana, two mosque stand alongside in a small area. Nothing can be said/known for sune, about its construction period and the founder.But according to hearsay, a few hundred years ago, two brothers Khoaaj Mollick and Modan Mollick built this mosque. There is hearsay/popular talk that they were very poor.They got hidden treasure become rich and got a divine command in a dream and they built the mosque. Later these jor (twin) mosques were renovated to some extent. Shia Sentiment is involved in these jor mosques. It is because one mosque is dedicated to Hazrat Ali (R) and the other is dedicated to Hazrat Fatema (R). Later on the mosque has been given a new shape after extension and renovation and as such the original structure and design of the mosque has been changed.

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