Doot Kumar Pir Saheb’s (R.) Mazar – Tourism Info

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Doot Kumar Pir Saheb’s (R.) Mazar

Hazrat Mollick Doot Kumar Pir Saheb (R) Mazar (Shrine) is situated at Lakheraj Kasba village under Gournadi Upazila. The Mosque was built during the period of Emperor Jahangir the second son of the Emperor of Yemen. There is a mosque in the north side adjacent to the Mazar. Virtually he came to this subcontinent to preach Islam. During his period the taxes of the people of Kosba were exempted, as a result the village was named as Lakheraj Kasba. It is said that he moved from one place to another on the back of tigers, and cows spontaneously gave him milk to drink.

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