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Gournadi Zamindar House

This memory-laden traditional Zamindar Bari of Zamindar Mohonlal Shah is located at the village Ashokathi under Gournadi upazila. In front of the house, there lies an 160 years old Durga temple inlaid with the image of a lion. In 1850, Zamindar Prasanna Kumar Shah, father of Zamindar Mohan Lal Shah built it, and at that time it was the largest temple in the subcontinent. This temple which is 28 metres x 18 metres (92 feet x 59 feet ) in size has 45 pillars. And still in this dilapidated Zamindar Bari his successor live there. Palordi Secondary High School of 1935 still survives as one of the public welfare activities of Zamindar Mohan Lal Shah.

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