Guthia Mosque (Baitul Aman Jam-e-Masjid) – Tourism Info

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Guthia Mosque (Baitul Aman Jam-e-Masjid)

This large mosque of the south-region is located at Changuria village under Wazirpur upazila 19 kilometres to the west from Barisal Launch Ghat, and 4 kilometres to the west from Durgasagar. The construction work of Baitul Aman Jame Mosque Eidgha Complex on 14 acres of land began in 2003 and it ended in 2006. Locally it is known as as Guthia Mosque. This large mosque built in the architectural style of the Taj Mahal has in the middle a dome, inlaid with artistic designs. That is why, this is also known as “Taj Mahal Mosque”. The high minaret of the mosque is attractive. The magnificent construction style in the shape of some mosques of the Middle East and Europe draws easily the attention of tourists.

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