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Madhabpasha Zamindar House

This Zamindar House is located 300 metres (984 feet) on the north from Bakla-Chandradwip Raj Bari. The ruins of more than one palace still survive here on two sides. The house is about 300 years old. This Madhabpasha Zamindar family is an old Zamindar family in Barisal district. In the beginning of the 14th century, Danujmardam Dev or Danuj Roy being driven away by the Muslim victors established at Sonargaon a small kingdom named Chandradeep in present Bakerganj region. Danuj Roy was the ancestor of Madhabpasha  Zamindars. After some successors/ generations of Danuj Roy till the period (1487 AD) of Hariballab the Chandradwid kingdom was independent. Thereafter, the Chandradwip kingdom became a protractorate or tributary of the Muslim Sultans and Afgan rulers. As Hariballab had no son, his daughter Kamala Devi ruled over the kingdom. The existence of Kamala Rani Dighi dug on the initiative of Kamala Devi over an area of 100 acres of land at Kalayea village under Baufal Upazila of Patuakhali district is no more. At present it is a paddy field. After the abolition of Zamindari system, Madhabpasha Zamindary came to an end. As evidences of the Zamindari of Madhabpasha, the Durgasagar Dighi and the Barisal-Madhabpasha Road still exist. From the Rajbari cannon named as Kandarpa Narayan has been discovered. Madhabpasha Zamindar Bari and the nearby Durgasagar Dighi are preserved by the Archeological Department.

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