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Oxford Mission Church

Oxford Mission Church is one of those churches which are artistically beautified and decorated in Bangladesh. On the bank of the Kirtankhola River, this church stands at the Bogra Road of Barisal town which is reputed as the Venice of the eastern countries. This church founded in the name as Epiphany Oxford Mission is the second largest in Asia continent. The construction work as one of the old churches made of red bricks in the country, began in 1903 AD and ended in 1907. According to the sketch of Sister Edith, Father Strong finalized its design and it is learnt that Fredrick Douglas built it. The church is built on one part of about 50 acres of land, the inner part of the church is covered with wooden panel and the floor is made of marble stones. This is a one-storied church and is about 15 metres high. Though, in size, it is the second largest in Asia, yet it is guessed that in height it occupies the first position. In the lovely churchyard surrounded by high walls, there stand 13 ponds, one Oxford Mission Primary School, and one Oxford Mission High School. This church made of extraordinary architectural style has 40 archways and many corridors. The most attractive thing of the church is its bell. There is no such a big bell in any other churches in Asia. It is rung seven times every day. Besides the schools on the churchyard, there are libraries, hostels for the female students, playgrounds, flower gardens, and various types of medicinal plants there.

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