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Sarkar Math (Monastery)

The one-storied octagonal apex temple which attracts easily the attention of many people for its great height stands at Chandrahar village to the north-west of Gaurnadi upazila. This temple is made of small bricks laid with lime and brick-dusts. Each arm of the bottom of this math is 1.91 metres long and about 6.2 metres wide. The height of the math from the ground is about 20.21 metres. The only entrance of the room lies in the south wall. Above the entrance gate, there lies panel ornamentation work in some portion. This math is an evidence of the art of the apex temple. There is similarity of the high apex math with that of the tilted Pisa Tower of Italy. Because of the construction styles, it appears to have slightly been slanting. There is no engraved inscription on the surface of the Math, but from its style of construction, it appears that during the rule (1740-1756) of Nawab  Alivardi Khan, Sarkar Rupram Das Gupta built it up. It is a two hundred years old math, on personal initiative, a rest house was built by the side of the Math. It is also known as Mahilara Math.

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