Shialguni Mosque – Tourism Info

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Shialguni Mosque

This old mosque is located at Shialguni village about 15 kilometres to the east by road from Bakerganj Upazila Sadar under Barisal District. An old mosque ornamented with flowers and creepers has been mentioned by Jack in Bakerganj District Gazetteer. From the description it is learnt, a certain Nasarat Gazi built this mosque. But it is guessed that the mosque was built in about 16th century. Lime, brick-bats and thin square bricks were used to build this mosque. The length of the inside of the mosque built on the square land is 4.50 metres and the walls are 1.43 metres thick. There are four octagonal towers in four corners. There is a niche in the west wall inside the mosque. There are some ornamental work of flowers and creepers on the surface of the walls, cornices and pillars. This mosque has been with Muslim evidence enlisted as a preserved monument by the Archeological Department of the government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.  And it remains under the supervision of the Archeological Department.

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