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Birshrestha Mostafa Kamal Memorial Museum

Mostafa Kamal who participated in the Liberation War of Bangladesh is a gallant martyred freedom fighter. Mohammad Mostafa Kamal was born on December 16,1947 at West Hazipur village under Daulatkhan upazila of Bhola district. His father Habibur Rahman was a retired Habildar of the army. He joined the army in 1967, after fleeing away from home. He was a soldier to the 4th East Bengal Regiment. In the beginning of 1971 4th East Bengal Regiment was transferred from the Comilla Cantonment to Brahminbaria. During the Liberation War sepoy Mostofa Kamal belonged to platoon No-2. To destroy the 4th East Bengal the Pakistani army on 17th April opened mortar and artillery shells on platoon No-2 which was at Daruin village. At one stage Mostafa Kamal gave opportunities for the soldiers of his group to flee away safe and sound. And then he himself alone opened fire from his LMG. At one stage his bullets ran down and then he fell down by the bullet hit of the enemy and become martyred. To commemorate Birshrestha Mohammad Mostafa Kamal, a Memorial and a museum have been built on his grave. In the museum things of Mostafa Kamal have been kept. Many tourists regularly visit this place.

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