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Jacob Tower and Children Park

The highest watch tower of the South-east Asia is built at Char Fashion upazila 70 kilometres away from Bhola town. The construction of this tower was started in 2013 on the initiative taken by Abdullah Al Islam Jacob, Deputy Minister for Forest and Environment. This 225 feet high tower has been constructed on one acre of land at a cost of taka 200 million. This tower is inaugurated by President Md. Abdul Hamid in 2018. The foundation of the tower is built on steel structure from 75 feet below the surface, which can withstand 8.0 magnitude earthquakes. Besides the staircase there is an elevator with a capacity of 13 persons to get to the top of the tower. There is a facility to watch the surrounding areas up to 100 square kilometres by a powerful binocular from the top. A tourist can easily enjoy the blue water of the sea, many small and big chars (bars)  and islands and the beauty around it. Moreover, a Fashion square, modern children park and the biggest swimming pool of the country have been constructed here. This has become one of the most attractive places in the southern region of Bangladesh.

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