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Manpura Island

Manpura Island surrounded by the Meghna River is very much attractive. Manpura is being corroded by the meghna River on the one hand, and on the other hand chars (strip of sandy land) are emerging. During the trip by trawler or sea-truck along the Meghna, nothing from one bank to the other is seen. It appears that it is an unfathomable sea. The Meghna to the south of Manpura has fallen into the Bay of Bengal. Manpura Island was ravaged by the tidal wave on November 12,1970. Small haats and bazars are available a few kilometres away from Manpura .The lively scenery of char Sakutia and char Kukri-mukri enchants human minds. The Forests Department plant saplings here every year. Besides these deer are found in different bushes of Manpura. Hilsha fish of Manpura is very palatable.

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