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Nizam-Hasina Foundation Mosque

The spectacular Nizam-Hasina Mosque has been built in modern architectural art on about one and a half acres of land at Ukil Para of Bhola. This mosque was inaugurated in 2016 under the patronage of Meghna Life Insurance Company and the supervision of the Nizam-Hasina Foundation. This mosque has been named after the chairman of Meghna and Karnaphuli Insurance Company and his wife.  Along with the minerate, there are two domes on both sides of the entrance to the mosque and there is one dome in front it. The height of the minerate is 120 feet and the height of the dome is 60 feet. Various valuable stones including marble stones have been used in the construction of the mosque inlaid with modern architectural artistic and ornamental work. It took about seven years to finish the construction work of the mosque. No pillars have been used in the construction structure of the two-storied mosque which can accommodate two thousand devotees for prayer at one time. There are two staircases on the two sides of the door downstairs. This mosque has separate Wadukhana (Ablution room) and a separate place for prayer for men and women. There is a well decorated beautiful flower garden around the mosque, including fountains alongside the mosque-based library and Hifz-khana (the room where the young learners learn the holy Quran by heart). The nightly illumination on the outer side of the mosque has given its beauty a different dimension. Tourists who come to Bhola may visit the mosque constructed in the modern architectural art.

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