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Boga Lake

This natural Boga Lake is the highest lake in Bangladesh. This lake is located on the hill top about 3700 ft. high from the sea level. This lake of transparent water covers about 15 acres of land on the top of the hill and it has many legends. The hilly people consider it as a lake of gods too. The local minor ethnic communities believe that Dragon god lived in this lake. On the basis of the formation style many think it a crater of extinct volcano. The colour of the water of the lake changes frequently, but for the most part of time it looks bluish. There are Marma localities on the banks of the lake, and Bawms are settled up on the lake. It is a bit difficult to visit the Baga Lake in the rainy season. The Zila Parisad has set up some rest houses, and the local people have set up some guest houses in order to provide facilities to the tourists for passing their nights there. The local people provide the tourists food and accommodation facilities.

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