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Brahmanbaria District

Brahmanbaria District

Historical, archeological, natural, religious and cultural spots

01. Kollapathar Martyr-Burial ground

Kollapathar Martyr-Burial ground is located in the village Kollapathar under Bayek Union 10 kilometers on the south of Kasba Upazila near Indian border. The dead bodies of the valiant freedom fighters who became martyred in the Liberation War were collected together and then on the initiative of the local people 51 martyred freedom fighters were buried on the hill top owned by Mr Abdul Mannan.

02. Hatir Pool

Hatir Pool is located on the left hand side of the road which is about one hundred yards away on the east from Bariura Bus Stand of Sarail Upazila adjacent to the Dhaka-Sylhet High Way. Recently the Bangladesh Archeological Department has taken steps to reform and preserve the bridge. Dewan Shahbaz Ali after obtaining his dewani (office of a finance minister) of Sarail, built the present Kachari and while building the present Kachari he built the road from Sarail to Shahbazpur in 1650 for communication from home to Shahbazpur. This bridge is located over the road. It is said the Dewans moved on elephants’ back and took rest with elephants at the foot of the bridge that is why it is called the Hatir Pool (Elephant Bridge).  At present the local people call that abandoned road Jangal.

03. Old Mosque and Dighi of Sarail

The Ariphile Mosque is located in between two old Dighis and Mogli Dighi which are about 3.5 kilometers away on the west from Sarail  Bazar. This square mosque has four minarets in its four corners and the outer surface of the walls contains square holes/   cells in rows. Observing the sculpture and the artistic skills, the archeologists and historians have opined that it was built in the middle of the Mogul Period.  On the south of the mosque there lies the burial ground in which there are a pair of graves and under the graves, a metalled tunnel is visible. The Archeological Department has declared the Ariphile Mosque and the shrine as the protected archeological objects/ finds. Still now five times Azan (Muezzin’s call to congregational prayers) and namaj (prayers) are held in the ancient mosque of a few hundred years.

04. Ancient Mosque in Bhadughar Village

The Bhadughar Mosque is located at a little distance away on the east of the rail line of Brahmanbaria Sadar Upazila. This one-domed mosque was built in the period 1657-1658 by some Noor Mohammed during the rule of Emperor Alamgir. The mosque with octagonal minarets has three mahrab (niches) on the west wall inside the mosque. Once the mahrabs (niches) were beautifully ornamented but due to frequent reformations and plaster the beauty has to a great extent faded. At present it is locally better known as Shahi Mosque.

           05. Kal Bhairab Mandir(temple)

Kal Bhairab Temple and the colossal Bhairab Statue of Madda on the north side of Brahmanbaria are remarkable creations/ achievements. Kal Bhairab Mandir of Madda is an important place of pilgrimage for the Hindu community. It is famous as the biggest Shiva Statue. About two hundred years ago, a potter named Durga Charan Acharjya was commanded in a dream; as a result, he built it. The site of the Kal Bhairab Mandir was donated by Noor Mohammed, the famous Zamindar of Sarail. The statue and the temple were destroyed by the invading Pak army. At present, the temple has been reformed and a new statue made of clay has been placed there.

06. Ulchapara Masjid (mosque)

The mosque which was built during 1717-18 AD is located in the village Ulchapara on the south-east side of the town of Brahmanbaria. Beautiful artistic designs are on view on the front wall of the rectangular, three-stared and three-domed mosque. This mosque was built very simple and well decorated. Usually such beautiful architectural work is not found in any other mosques. The Archeological Department has taken the mosque as the protected archeological object.

07. Kalla Shahid Mazar (martyr Mausoleum)

The Dargah (Mausoleum) of Hazrat Syed Ahmed (R) which is at Kharampur of Akhaura is known as Kalla Shahid Darga. There is a hearsay about the Kalla Shahid Dargah that fiherman Chaitanya Das and his companions went to catch fish in the river Titas. While catching fish with their net, a severed human head was caught enmeshed with their net. Then the severed head asked them to read Kalema and to be converted to Islam. According to the advice, Chaitanya Das and his fishing companions became converted to Islam. The converted fishermen were named as Shabala, Shalo, Shajada, Shagora and Sharowshan. They are the original descendants. This Dargah later on became known as Kalla Shahid Mazar.

08. Champoknagar

This is located in the Bangladesh-India border area. Bricks of ancient times and the relics of earthen utensils are found here.


09. Motley Shiva Statue of Natghar

This is located in the village Nat on the east region of NabinagarUpazila.  Here a five-foot high Shiva Statue of motley form was discovered.

10. Bishnu Statue

A Narayan (Bishnu) Statue weighing approximately 185 kilograms was discovered in the village Kalikachh in Sarail Upazila.

11. Biddyakut Satidaha Mandir

This Mandir is located in the village Biddyakut and it was built about two hundred years ago by Dewan Ram Manak. This Mandir is full of associations with satidaha (burning of a chaste wife on the funeral pile of her husband).

12. Ganisha Mazar Sharif (holy/ sacred)

This holy Mazar is located in Barikandi Union. Every year in the first week of Bangla month Magh a great gathering of the devotees and the adorers take place here.


 13. Gangasagar Dighi

In the past the Gangasagar near the bank of the river Howra was used as the river port of Agartala. This Dighi was excavated after the name of goddess Gangadevi by one of the generals of Tripura.

14. Local Traditions and Festivals

The Kaukadi Fair is held on the temple yard of Radhamadhab in the district town of Brahmanbaria. Besides this, centering on the azar sharifs of this area two or three day long or a week-long Mela (fair) is held. The Achil or Husly cocks are famous for height and strength. The cock fight was introduced in Sarail area from the Mogul Period. In Brahmanbaria, Alauddn Khan, Sur Somrat (the master of voice/ music), mentor Ayet Ali Khan, and mentor Ali Akbar Khan, and so on were born in Brahmanbaria.

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