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Buddha Dhatu Jadi Kyang

The country’s biggest Buddha Temple ‘Buddha Dhatu Jadi Kyang’ has been constructed in the spectacular  style and fashin on the top of a hill about 200 ft. high at a place named Poolpara in Balaghata  1.5 kms away  from Bandarban town which is the playground of natural beauty. The pure relic (of the body) is called Dhatu and the place of worship is locally called Kyang. This is also known as Bandarban Golden Temple. ‘Buddha Dhatu Jadi Kyang’ is one of the largest remarkable places of worship in South Asia. The construction style of it is made of sculpture-design of the temples of Myanmar, China, and Thiland. There is   a museum from which you can know the old history of the ‘Buddhim.’ The place is not only the place of pilgrimage for the Buddhist community but it has also been an attractive spot for native and foreign tourists. The gate of this Jadi is at the end of 170 steps of a stair which leads up in a winding way through the slope of the hill. The main attraction of Jadi is the central temple with golden artistic design. Around it there are some small establishments, display rooms, abodes for the mendicants, and at the entrance there are some small statues including two big ones. Apart from these, in the central Temple, there are 4 golden statues (images) of Gautema Buddha, Kashyap Buddha, Kakasa Nannad Buddha, and Kolagoman Buddha. Another attraction for it is that there is a big bell and with it there are a small number of bells around it. The bells form rows and they produce ding-dong day and night. Besides, the other sculptural evidences of Kang including the Dev Rajpukur at a height of three hundred ft. are visible. Religious fair takes place here in December-January and continues for three consecutive days.

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