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Chandranath Temple, Chandranath Hill, Sitakunda

Sitakunda as a place of pilgrimage is heartily received by the followers of Hinduism of the whole of India including Bangladesh. Apart from being a place of pilgrimage, this place attracts the tourists because of its natural beauty. Chandranath Hill is one of the places of interest of Sitakunda. It is located on the Dhaka-Chittagong Road and is 40 kms away from Chittagong town and only 4 kms on the east from Sitakunda Bazar. There is hearsay that one king of Nepal being commanded in a dream placed five Shiva Temples in five places of the world. These are Pashupatinath of Nepal, Biswanath of Kashi, Bhutnath of Pakistan, Adinath of Maheshkhali and Chandranath temple of Sitakunda. From histories and scriptures, it is learnt that Mahamuni Bhargav lived there when Ramchandra, son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, came here during his exile with his wife Sita. Mahamuni Bhargav on the occasion of their arrival and for providing them with bath facilities made three Kundos or cisterns. Sita took her bath in this Kundos that is why this place has been named as Sitakundo. The hill is 1,155 ft. high; the Mahadev Temple lies on the highest hill-top, and the temple of Virupaksha Mahadev is located on the nest top of the hill. While climbing the Chandranath temple, some other temples and statues of Hindu gods and goddesses are found on the way.

Apart from these, there lie foot prints of the founder of Buddhism and Buddha-well. There is hearsay that the bones of fingers of the Buddha were buried in Chandranath Hill. The foot prints of Buddha Dev are imprinted on a piece of stone behind Chandranath Hill. Besides these, the Buddhist in the hope of gaining virtue threw the bones of dead relatives into a well named Buddha-Koop. For all these reasons Chandranath temple area is cordially accepted as a place of pilgrimage for the followers of Hinduism and Buddhism.

Apart from Chandranath temple, there is another temple of the name of Sita temple. Innumerable virtuous people from different countries of the world including Bangladesh attend the Shiva chaturdoshi Fair.

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