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Ethnic Museum

There are two Ethnic museum in the continent of Asia. One is in Tokyo and the other is in Agrabad the commercial area of Chittagong. This museum was established in 1965. There are 4 galleries and a big hall room.  In three galleries of the Museum there are 25 various weapons, flower-vases, cloths, boats, scissors, ornaments, bamboo-pipes etc. of the ethnic groups- Chakma, Marma, Tonchangya, Khumi, Murong, Santal, Garo, Chak, Monipuri, Tripura, Hajong, Lushei, Shimuji, Bom etc and in other galleries the life-styles of some communities of Bharat, Pakistan, and Australia, have been displayed. Arrangements have been made to give the visitors ideas about various festivals and culture of the ethnic groups of people by means of wall paintings in the hall room. Every day other than Sunday and holidays, this Museum remains open to the visitors.

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