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Foy’s Lake

The man made Foy’s Lake at Khulshi area, not far away from Pahartali Rail station, is 8 kms away from Chittagong Town. It was excavated under the supervision of the authorities of Assam Bengal Railway in 1924 and at that time it was known as the Pahartali Lake. Later it was named after English Railway Engineer Foy. This lake has been constructed on 336 acres of land by raising a dam across a narrow valley in between two tops of hills. Close to Foy’s Lake lies Battaly Hill the highest hill in the Chittagong town. Close to the south of the Pahartali Railway Station, there lies another man made lake which was excavated before the construction of Foy’s Lake by the Assam Bengal Railway Authorities in 1920. Both man made lakes as tourist centres attract native and foreign tourists. At present, centering on the lake, a Recreation Park has been set up, where boat-trips, restaurant, tracking and concert facilities are provided. At present birds of rare species are seen there. Chittagong Zoo lies near Foy’s Lake.

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