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Laldighi Maidan (Laldighi Ground)

The Laldighi Maidan at the heartland of Chittagong survives as the upholder of the past traditions. This Laldighi Maidan (ground) starting especially from Anti-British Movement is the centre for realizing the rights of the common people including the Great Independence Movement. Many epoch-making meetings were held here, and many great, eligible and eminent leaders from home and abroad delivered their speeches here for the freedom of human beings. During that time the entire plain land from the foot of the hill of the Headquarters of the Metropolitan Police to the foot of the Parir Pahar on the west was called Municipal Maidan (field). The Municipal Maidan was devided into two parts after the construction of the North-South Road at the end of the nineteenth century. The eastern part became the field for common people and after the founding of the Muslim High School; the field became the playground of the Muslim High School. At present this field is known as Laldighir Maidan. Before the British rule, there was a small pool, at the place of the present Dighi. In the early period of the British rule, this small pool was excavated into a dighi. There were Magistrate courts and the Treasury Buildings on the east of the Laldighi. Those buildings were red in colour, so the buildings were called ‘Lalkuthi.’ During the British rule, the jail was built on the north- south corner of this Kuthir. The colour of the wall of the jail was red, so the jail was called ‘Lalghar’ (red house). The dighi was named ‘Laldighi’ after the names of ‘Lalkuthi’ and ‘Lalghar.’ Besides these, there were big Krishnachura trees (Delonix regia) on the banks of the Laldighi. During flowering season, krishnachura flowers made the surroundings of the Laldighi deep red. Taking all these things into consideration, this historic field has become known as Laldighi Maidan.

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