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Shrine of Bayezid Bostami (R)

The Mazar (shrine) of Bayezid Bostami (R) is located at Najirhat area of Chittagong town. This Mazar which has grown and developed in the name of Bayezid Bostami (R), the celebrated Sufi of Iran, is a place of attraction for the devout Muslims of Chittagong as well as for the tourists at home and abroad. Bayezid Bostami (R) in the middle of the ninth century came from Persia to Chittagong by sea in order to preach Islam. The structure of this tomb was first discovered in 1831 in a walled yard on the top of the hill. Later on the tomb was replaced by modern structure. At the foot of the graveyard there is a three-domed rectangular mosque of Mughal style and there is also a large pond (dighi). From the architectural point of view, it is assumed that the mosque was built during the time of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. Tortoises and Gajar fish (Giant Snakehead) in the Dighi located at the foot of the Mazar are noted. In the local language they are called Mazari and Gajari. These tortoises are very rare and nearly extinct species. Hearsay goes that Bayezid Bostami (R) turned the wicked and mischievous jins into tortoises by way of punishment and gave life sentence to live in the pond.

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