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Aat Kabar (Eight Graves)

Aat Kabar is the border area of Damurhuda upazila of Chuadanga district. There are eight graves of eight freedom fighters who were martyred in the Liberation War of ‘71. The Pakistani collaborators engineered an intrigue for freedom fighters, and then the army of Natuda Camp killed eight freedom fighters, and some of the wounded freedom fighters were able to run away. The martyred eight freedom fighters were buried in two pits alongside. These eight freedom fighters are: Hasan Zaman, Khaled Saifuddin Tareq, Rowshan Alam, Alaul Islam Khokon, Abul Kashem, Rabiul Islam, Kiamuddin and Afazuddin. There is an open platform here. Besides, there are a museum of liberation war, flower gardens, and various fruit trees here.

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