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Carew and Company (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Of the industries of Bangladesh, Carew and Company is an old and traditional industry. This large industry complex comprises 3,560 acres of land and is situated at Darshana, a border-lying human habitation in Chuadanga district. In 1938 Robert Rusel Carew at Darshana,  the sugar cane producing rich area of East Bengal established the Sugar Mill and Distillery Factory having the capacity for crushing 1,000 tons of sugarcanes and producing for 4,000 gallons of spirit daily. At that time, it cost Tk. 3.4 million only for buying the machinery. After the independence of the country in 1971, it was nationalized. At present, it is an organisation of the Bangladesh Sugar and Food Industries and under it, lie the Sugar Mill, the Distillery Factory, Medicine Factory, and an Agricultural Farm.

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