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Gunaighar Baitul Azgar Jam-e-Mosque

‘Gunaighar Baitul Azgar Seven-Domed Mosque’ is a heritage of Debidwar. From the construction-style point of view, it is a noted mosque in the country. The mosque is situated in the village Gunaighar 2 kms on the west-south corner from Debidwar Sadar and on the north-west corner from Comilla Sadar after the Comilla-Sylhet High Way. There have been engraved innumerable distinctive construction-paintings of calligraphy on this seven domed mosque by blending the new and old construction techniques. There are four minarets in four corners. This mosque is thought to be the first kind of mosque with four minarets. The height of the minarets is 80 ft. The mosque is 48 ft. long and 36 ft. wide. The original structure of this mosque can accommodate about one hundred Muslims to say their prayers. But its veranda that is front tiled open place, double the number of the Muslims can say their prayers. Besides, there are a lovely orchard and a flower garden on the west side of the mosque. In addition, there is a large pond carpeted with marble including its banks. There are 5 domes in the original part of the mosque. There are many graffiti such as, the moon and stars on the outer wall of the mosque. For its construction, bricks, cement, and sand including porcelain and tiles have been used. Ornamental work has been done in line with Mughal, Turkey and Persian blending.

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