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Kotbari Vihara (monastery)

This monastery is located almost on the plain land of the valley about one km on the west from the main gate of the office of the Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development at Kotbari in Comilla. This Kotbari monastery was a great Buddhist monastery. There were two buildings that encircled its entrance. The middle of the monastery is about eight feet higher than its side land and from this; one may guess that the central temple of the monastery was located there.  Based on the central temple, you can realize the existence of the entrance of the Vihara. An elevated path in between two outer buildings crosses the north wall and leads to the central temple located in the middle of the monastery. There goes a hearsay that Harical Dev’s copperplate inscriptions of 1220, which were discovered in 1803, were also found on the north-east corner of the Vihara.

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