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Mainamati War Cemetery

Mainamati World War II Cemetery is located in Comilla.  About 45 thousand soldiers of the Common Wealth died during the World War II that broke out in Burma. To commemorate them Myanmar (Burma), Assam and Bangladesh raised 9 cemeteries, out of which two of the Common Wealth Cemeteries are in Bangladesh—one is in Comilla and the other is in Chittagong. The Mainamati War Cemetery was raised in 1945 mainly to bury the British and the Indian soldiers who died in the World War II. This cemetery is located very close to the Comilla Cantonment but about 9 kms away from Comilla town. This cemetery was raised by Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC). Still this cemetery is managed and maintained by them. There are 736 graves in the cemetery of which 3 sailors, 567 soldiers, and 166 air pilots’ graves are there. At the entrance of the cemetery, lies a gatehouse and on the inside walls of the gatehouse the history and description of the cemetery are written in Bengali and in English. Inside the cemetery on either side of the wide path, there are grave plates which contain the names of the soldiers, date of death, positions and the religion. According to their religions, the religious symbols are painted there. In the frontage of the cemetery by the roadside, there lies a discriminating grave which has been surrounded by 23 grave plates together.

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