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Queen Mainamati’s Palace

Various archeological achievements of Rani Mainamati Prasad (queen Mainamati’s place) and ruins of palatial buildings have been discovered in Lalmai-Mainamati hilly area. During conducting excavation 1996-97, some plates with paintings of baked clay, and ornamented bricks were found.

A good number of paintings are imprinted on the surface of the plates of backed clay. Of the paintings, some of them are– four cubit long lionesses in human shape, swans, peacocks, demi-goddess of music and dance in heaven, women riders on the ploughing (plowing) buffalos are important. And there are also lotus petals on the surface of the ornamented bricks and stratified pyramids etc. From this evidence, it appears that the Rani Mainamati Prasad (palace) was a well decorated religious palatial building.

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