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Shalvan Vihara (monastery)

This Buddhist Vihara (monastery) is located in between the Lalmai-Mainamati hill-range. The length of each wing of the monastery is 550 ft. and there are in total 115 monk-cells in its four wings. The Buddhist monks dwelt in those cells. In the middle of it, there lies a large and wide entrance and the main temple with cruciform shape is on the open terrace. The main monastery was founded by the 4th ruler Bhava Deva of the Deva dynasty in about eighth century. It was the then institute for religious practice and acquiring learning. This great monastery, made of a mixture of lime and brick-dust of thin brick, appears to be a fort from outside. Innumerable archeological artifacts have been discovered from the excavation of Shalban Vihara. Of those discoveries, there are 8 copperplate inscriptions, 18 gold and 350 silver coins, gold ornaments, statues of various sizes and shapes, baked clay blades, seals and daily useful goods.

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