Cave of Kana Raja (Cave of one-eyed King) – Tourism Info

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Cave of Kana Raja (Cave of one-eyed King)

The cave of one-eyed king is in the Nidania Hill near Paturar Tek Beach in Jalia Palong Union of Ukhia 13 kms from Ukhia upazila and 25 kms from Cox’s Bazar town. The Russian Exploration Team for oil, gas discovered the cave in 1960.The entrance of the tunnel is about 14 ft. high and 10 ft. wide, and there are two doors one on either side and there are two big rooms one on either side of the door which are straight 120-150 ft. away from the entrance gate of the tunnel. There is hearsay that a Rakhine king built the cave for his self protection. According to the belief of local people, plenty of riches and wealth are hidden inside the cave. Therefore, this is known as ‘Dhadhar Manik’

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