Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary – Tourism Info

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Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary

Chunati Sanctuary is located in Chunati Union under Lohagora upazila by the Chittagong-Cox’s Bazar-Highway. This sanctuary is the ground for the roam and movement of animals of various species. There are big civet trees and rivers. During harvesting time, elephants are seen. Moreover, monkeys, hoolock gibon, langurs, wild boars, and deers are seen. Small cats, binturong and civets prowl at night. Among the birds, hornbills, pheasant, wild pigeons, doves, bulbuls, thrushes, and flocks of necter-eaters and insectivorous birds are seen. After the sunrise, jungle fowls are seen in the forest. There are about 200 species of butterflies exists here. In the deep forest there are observation towers by means of which natural beauty can be observed.

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