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Cox’s Bazar Sea-beach

The Cox’s Bazar sea-beach is the longest unbroken sandy sea-beach in the world. It may be mentioned here that Cox’s Bazar has been named after Captain Heraim Cox. The whole of the sea-beach which is 120 km-long is sandy, and the existence of snails and oysters occur there in the beach. The sites of shops with various coral-made articles, ultra-modern hotels, motels, cottages, and the Burmese markets etc. are resonant and vibrant with the roam and movement of the tourists. The Bangladesh Tourism Corporation and the local Sea-beach Management Committee have undertaken programs to refurbish and renovate Cox’s Bazar Sea-beach. The old Jhinuk (oysters) Market has been dismantled and the modern Jhinuk Market ‘Beach Park Market’ in the form of umbrella has been built. Each market has 16 shops, but in some especial cases the market has 20 shops. Three more similar markets are under construction nearby.  In line with the snail-oyster and coral shops, there is a location or assemblage of various other shops with Burmese commodities, cosmetics, first-food, cooling corner, dry fish, studio, including mobile shops in these markets. At the entrance gate to the sea-beach, spectacular ‘Beach Garden cum Park’ and the Jhenuk Market with 26 well-stocked shops have been constructed under the financial aegis of the Cox’s Bazar Zila Parishad (district council). In front of the garden at Laboni point under the supervision of the Beach Management Committee and financed by the Zila Parishad, a two-storied observation tower has been set up. Throughout the year on different national days open concert, national and international beach football, beach volley ball, beach cricket competition, Surfing and many other functions including the national kite flying festivals are held. For the security of the tourists, Beach-Police have recently been appointed. There are arrangements for beach bikes, Jet Ski, horse carts in the silvery sea-beach.

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