Inani Sea-beach – Tourism Info

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Inani Sea-beach

Inani Sea-beach is located about 33 km on the south from Cox’s Bazar and 10 km away from Himchhari. Inani Beach is the most beautiful, attractive, and spectacular/imposing of the 120 km long sea-beach from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf.  The natural corals, pieces of stones from Inani Beach to Teknaf have, on one hand added additional beauty, and on the other hand they have protected beach from sea-erosion. There are many hatcheries to produce young fish of prawn or shrimp. Other than one rest house of Forest Department in Inani Beach, many other rest houses, hotels, motels, and cottages have developed there on private ownership. As a spot for picnic and shooting, it is very attractive for the tourists. One can go to Inani Sea-Beach by any kind of vehicle along the 84 km long Marine Drive Road built from Kolatoli to Teknaf in 1992 by the Engineering Corps of the armed forces.

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