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The Burmese Market

The main attraction of Cox’s Bazar is the Burmese Market 4 kms away from Sadar upazila Parishad. The initiation of the Burmese Market began in 1962 when a Rakhine lady Unag started business on a small scale with light and paltry objects (tidbits) and locally produced handicrafts as wrappers, bags that could be hung on the shoulders, cigarettes, lungis for males, etc. at her own house adjacent to the Burmese Primary School at Tekpara. Realizing the demand of the tourists, later on in front of her house she opened commercially a shop named ‘Cox’s Bazar Cottage Industries.’  Then one after another ‘Tin Tin Burmese Store’, ‘Rakhine Store’, ‘Ume Store’, ‘Nurani Emporium’, ‘Bibi Fashion Diamond Store’ etc shops developed. At the outset, there was no Burmese commodity in the stores. Later on came to the market the Burmese commodities such as—lungis, thumis, sandals, pickles, balm, slaykhas (one kind of cosmetics), stones, and various other fancy goods made of wood, oyster etc. Most of the stores are managed by women. Oyster Market is close to Cox’s Bazar sea-beach. Here various objects made of oyster are available.

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