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Mathiner Koop (Well of Mathin)

Mathiner Koop (Well of Mathin) is located in the Teknaf upazila complex. Centering on the well, there goes a love episode between a police officer Dhiraj Bhattachariya and the Rakhine young girl Mathin. It is said that about one hundred years ago Dhiraj Bhattachariya a young unmarried police officer of Kolkata was transferred to the then inaccessible hilly Thana Teknaf as a police officer. Every day morning the Rakhine young girls used to come to take water from the well of Thana. At one stage the beautiful Rakhine young girl became familiar with Dhiraj Daroga (Chief Officer of the Police Station). Gradually love developed between the two. Dhiraj gave promise to marry her and left for Kolkata with a word to come back soon. But he never came back to Teknaf. The leaving of Teknaf of the lover Dhiraj for Kolkata and his not coming back to Teknaf made her extremely disappointed and frustrated, and out of her mental agitation and huff, Mathin gave up taking bath and food and gradually fell into the jaws of death. In other opinion, Mathin committed suicide jumping into the well in the Thana campus. A good number of visitors come daily to see the well which is the witness of the immortal love of Mathin.

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