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Ramkot Buddha Vihara

The Ramkot Buddha Vihara is located in Ramu upazila. In various history books, Ramu has been described as Pang-wa or ‘Panwa’ that is a land of yellow flowers. Ramu area once was regarded in Arakan as a provincial capital. There goes hearsay that during the rule of the first Rakhine Raj Chanda Thoriar (580-528 B.C) and at his invitation in the 3rd Dhanya Bati Age, Gautama Buddha along with Votary Anand came to Arakan. There is hearsay that five hundred disciples accompanied Gautama Buddha.  In a religious congregation there, Gautama Buddha prophesied that the bones of his chest would be placed on the hill located on the east coast of the west sea. In Rahkine language the bone of the chest is called ‘Rang-u’. It is assumed that the word ‘Ramu’ originated from there. But according to some others, this area has been named after Rama Dynasty. With the evolution of time, the existence of Ramkot became extinct. A priest Jagat Jyoti Mahasthabir came in 1919 from Kolkata then reformed and reinstalled the Buddha Vihara. There is a forest cottage where ancient Buddha installations and archaeological evidences are there. At the foot of the forest cottage, there is a Buddha orphanage ‘Jagat Jyoti Shishu Sadan’ financed by Brazil, France, and other countries including Italy. Every year a plenty number of pilgrims-worshippers and tourists gather here.

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