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The Sonadia Island is located on the north-west from Cox’s Bazar and 7 kms on the south from the Maheshkhali Island. Sonadia is isolated from Maheshkhali by a canal. This Sonadia Island consisting of the area of 9 square kms is formed with the mangrove and the costal forest. The deep blue sea water, red crabs, forest of screw-pine trees (kaya ban), sea-birds all together there prevails in the island one kind of exciting and thrilling surroundings. Here the canal-water is so crystal-clean and transparent that it will appear that the boat is moving on some glass.

Though the island is on the bosom of the sea, here human habitations have not developed as many as have developed on the St. Martin’s Island. Most of the people on this island are fishermen but a few of them are salt producers. On some portion of this island watermelon is cultivated. There is a private hatchery for the sea-tortoises. Eggs of tortoises are collected from the island and preserved here and thereafter those eggs are hatched out and young tortoises are released in the sea.

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