Dighi (Pond) of Bijoy Shingha – Tourism Info

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Dighi (Pond) of Bijoy Shingha

This pond is located just opposite to the Feni Circuit House, and one bank of the pond is considerably high. Many Sisu trees (Dalbergia sisoos also known as Indian rosewood) are on the high bank of the pond. On the other hand, there is an assemblage of Karoi-trees. This pond is the lasting achievement of Bijoy Sen, the famous founder of Sen Dynasty in Bengal. Raja Bijoy Sen excavated the pond to pass his leisure. This pond is located in front of Feni Circuit house at Bijoy Singha village about 2 kms on the west side of Feni town. Its area is 37.57 acres. This pond lies in the lovely surroundings and the four banks of the dighi are very high and well decorated with trees.

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